Vaughn A. Hromiko, MBA, MS/MIS, Principal & Director of Client Services

Vaughn Hromiko began his career in tax incentive services in 2002 with KPMG, LLPís Business Incentive Group (BIG) in Sacramento, CA. Later, he played a strategic role in the growth of a national tax incentives consulting firm where he spearheaded the design and development of the firmís technology infrastructure.

Vaughnís knowledge of tax incentives has enabled him to design and develop mission-critical information systems and software tools supporting state and federal tax incentive services on a national scale. Numerous firms providing such services have used software he developed.

He has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He has also earned a BA in Political Science from Brigham Young University. He is bilingual, speaking English and fluent Spanish as a second language. He is a member of the California Association of Enterprise Zones (CAEZ), the WOTC Coalition, The Society for Human Resource Management, the National Restaurant Association, the California Restaurant Association, and the Proven Reliable B2B Network.

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Jim Cusick, Food Services Industry Expert & Consultant

Jim Cusick is a 30-year veteran of the restaurant industry. His broad experience provides a rich multifaceted perspective that benefits NorCal Advisorís clients, specializing in multi-unit operations. He speaks their language and understands their day-to-day challenges, worries and opportunities.

Prior to joining our team, Jim invested more than 25 years with the largest KFC franchise in the United States. He has also been an owner executive with smaller restaurant operations and has served the industry from the supply side.

Jim is also a District Operator for Northern California Costa Vida Fresh Mexican restaurants.

Eileen Hromiko, Service Materials and Logistics Coordinator

Eileen Hromiko coordinates the production and distribution of tax-credit service materials to NorCal Tax Credit Advisorsí clients nationwide. She also plays an important customer-service role by encouraging new clients during their implementation of the WOTC employee survey process.

Eileen has an extensive background in multiple fields including book keeping, tax preparation and construction contracting.

Duane Jess, Marketing & Technology Advisor

Duane Jess has a exemplary professional history during which he has melded together the very human disciplinesof sales, marketing and service with a thorough knowledge of high-end information technology.

Early in his career, he earned a BS in Business and Marketing from the University of Alabama follwed by a Masters degree in Telecommunications from the University of Denver. Over the ensuing years, he has repeatedly found himself in the center of inventive new companies offering exciting new products and services. We are proud to have him on board as an advisor.

Some of the important profession roles Duane fills or has filled include:

* Regional Applications Manager with AT&Tís Premier Client Group; * Executive Vice President of Sales at Podfitness, Inc; * National Account Manager at SAVVIS; * Director of Sales at ZingBack, Inc; * Sr. Sales Engineer at Broadwing; * Data & Global Accounts/ Telecom Manager at MCI; * Director of eCommerce & Business Development at Quick Link, Inc; * Spanish Language Interpreter at US Small Business Administration (SBA)