NorCal Tax Credit Advisors does boring complicated work so our customers don’t have to. Of course, to us it’s not boring at all. It’s our mission. A mission we’ve been pursuing for more than 14 years.

Our founding member was introduced to tax incentives around the turn of the century as a consultant to KPMG’s Business Incentives Group (BIG) in Sacramento. BIG invited Mr. Hromiko to design new technology that could improve its service process.

That experience launched a hundred new ideas, leading to the launch of NorCal Tax Credit Advisors in 2003.

During the next decade, NorCal Tax Credit Advisors expanded far beyond the borders of California. We now recover $ millions in tax incentives for customers coast-to-coast.

In 2007, we launched RestaWOTC, providing WOTC services especially for restaurants. Our experience helping large multi-unit restaurant operations has helped us improve and expand our services in every industry.