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Choose the service that works best for you.

The majority of employers are most comfortable using our WOTC Made Easy (SM) program with pre-printed mail-in surveys.

WebWOTC (SM) requires an Internet-connected computer or tablet-sized device. Choose WebWOTC (SM) if your hiring process is going paperless or if your new hires always have convenient use of a computer while completing their paperwork.

Features WOTC Made Easy (SM) WebWOTC (SM)
Customized printed WOTC surveys added to your own new hire paperwork
Postage-paid return envelope (attached to survey)
You drop it in the mail. We do the rest!
English plus any other languages you need
Employee-friendly Internet-based WOTC survey
Ultra-easy Intelligent Link system – recognizes your employees automatically (no login required)
Stands alone or Integrates with your paperless system
Supports both desktop and handheld devices
WOTC Web-Reporter (review current status of employees online) ... coming soon!

We're busy behind the scenes working for you:

Features WOTC Made Easy (SM) WebWOTC (SM)
Researching each employee’s eligibility potential
Obtaining required support documentation
Managing correspondence with multiple government agencies
  • State Workforce Agencies in each state (issues WOTC certifications)
  • Military Personnel Record Centers
  • Criminal Courts and Record Agencies
Obtaining WOTC certificates of eligibility
Appealing WOTC denials and responding to information requests
Answering all your questions
Giving you periodic reports and feedback
Calculating your tax credits
Reporting tax credit information directly to you and your accountants

Our service fee is a small commission based on the amount of tax credit we document for you. Fee rates for WOTC Made Easy (SM) and WebWOTC (SM) are the same.

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