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With no upfront investment, using us is an easy decision. And there's no buyer's remorse if you later need to discontinue.

Our clients always profit more from our services than we do.

That’s because our fee is a small commission based on the amount of tax credit we document for you. We’re paid after the work is done. So, our integrity and our financial self-interest both drive us to maximize your WOTC tax benefit.

We Make the Process Easy.

To qualify for WOTC, employees need to provide some private information at the time of hire. We get that information for you using a confidential survey.

Most employers choose our WOTC Made Easy (SM) mail-in survey. You include this survey with your regular hiring paperwork. Each new hire completes their survey and seals it inside an attached postage-paid privacy envelope. Then your hiring manager simply drops it in the mail.

We also offer web-based paperless WOTC.

If you want to go paperless, we offer Internet-based WebWOTC (SM). WebWOTC (SM) uses an ultra-easy Intelligent Link system that recognizes your employees automatically (no login required). Each time a new hire activates a survey, the system automatically recognizes your company and handles all the details.

WebWOTC (SM) stands alone or can be integrated with your existing paperless system. It works with both desktop and tablet-size devices.

  • Low cost at a good price
  • Service fee comes after the work is done
  • No software to buy
  • No hardware maintenance
  • No complicated technology or technical training
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Military Family

WOTC Helps US Military Veterans

The best part of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC program has been its emphasis on hiring veterans of the United States armed forces. In 2011, Congress passed the Vow to HIRE Heroes Act. This law expanded the ways that WOTC helps veterans find and keep civilian jobs.

There are now 5 distinct eligibility scenarios benefiting veterans, each generating a different amount of tax credit for employers who hire them. The tax credit amounts vary from $2,400 to $4,800 or go as high as $5,600 to $9,600 for each qualifying veteran. The specific amount depends on (a) why the veteran qualifies and (b) how much he or she earns in wages during the first year of their new job.

We love veterans and want to do our part ... by helping you do yours.

With our WOTC Made Easy (SM) and WebWOTC (SM) services, we ask the right questions to identify eligible veterans. We then reach out directly to the custodians of military records to obtain the paperwork that’s needed to prove their eligibility.

You probably already hire veterans. We’ll help you to know who they are and claim the tax credits you should already be earning. If you want to expand your recruitment of veterans, the benefit to your company can be enormous.